How to Book a Voice Actor

How to book a voice actor
Starting at 150 EUR
About 5 Min.
Booking a voice actor as easy as possible.
Search Voices
image for voice over actor search
Set the language and gender for the voices.
Listen Voices
image showing voice booking
We have thousands of professional voice actors from all around the world. Listen to the samples of each voice actor.
Invite Voices
image invite voices
Invite all voice actors to your projects that fits your need. After creating a project the voices will be notified and the will give a quote.
Create Project
image create project
After you have added the first artists to your project you can add more informations to your project. After you have created a project the voice actors will be notified.
You can later add more voice artist to your project.
Receive custom quotes
image custom quotes
After the voice actors have reviewed your project the will give a custom quote.
image payment
Wether the voice actor chossed to get payed via our Voicfy SafePay or not you can now pay the project. All payments will be held in escrow until you have approved the final recording.